As a serial traveler and international snack attaché, YEH CHIPS Founder, Daphne Yeh, was born to snack. Nothing gives her more pleasure than to visit new cities, hunt for exotic new snack foods, and bring home her discoveries to share with friends and loved ones. There’s nothing like the thrill of exploring a 7/11 chip aisle while abroad, poring through a sea of exotic snacks and flavors, or braving the tastes and smell of regional delicacies found at local outdoor food markets. It’s a passion only a snack lover can understand. 

Daphne’s AHA! Moment for YEH CHIPS came about when she journeyed to her family’s native country of Taiwan and discovered a street snack that resembled a wafer-thin chip that was made of… MEAT!  It was like the perfect marriage between chips and jerky—only better.  Daphne knew it was her destiny to share this delightful snack with her fellow Americans, so she set out on an adventure to get America #chipfaced on YEH CHIPS in 2015.