At YEH CHIPS, we believe that snacks should:

  • BE UNIQUE. One adventure is never like another. We took out the ‘chew’ found in traditional meat snacks, and added a CRUNCH to send your taste buds on a textural flavor adventure you won’t soon forget.
  • TASTE GOOD: Adventures are memorable. Our mission is to make snacks that are so tasty, they stick in your mind and leave you wanting more. Snacks that are so memorable, you feel compelled to share with others. What’s an adventure if you can’t share the tale with friends and loved ones?
  • BE MADE WITH WHOLESOME, SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Small-batch and handmade with the highest quality ingredients, we take pride in producing our chips authentically. We believe our product is only as good as the ingredients we put into it. We stand by a commitment to use only pasture-raised meat sourced from local farmers who raise their animals ethically and free from the use of antibiotics and growth hormones.